Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fingers Crossed for a Green Thumb

Being the daughter of a botanist, I would expect that I'd be a little better at growing things. I have good intentions but a short attention span. I have been more patient with my plants lately, and I've surprised myself on how much better (relatively speaking) the indoor plants have been growing, so I thought I'd give herb and vegetable gardening a try.

I'm growing basil from seeds, and this project was started about 4 days ago. The seedlings are pushing through now. You can barely see them, but those little green dots in the brown potting soil are little seedlings. You can see in that second picture, it looks like a baby version of Seymour's plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

Hanging outside my bedroom window is a tomato plant which has also been planted with a basil plant (I cheated and bought a farmer-raised basil). There are two green tomatoes that have grown in the two days I've owned the plant. The instructions say that it takes 70 days to maturity, so I'll let you know on approximately May 9th how the tomatoes turn out.

Wish me (and them) luck!

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