Friday, June 6, 2008

Potato Hash

This is what I had for breakfast today. Yes, I am gloating.

Potato Hash

2 large potatoes, peeled and diced
3 strips of bacon, diced
1/4 cup yellow onion, chopped finely
3-4 oz smoked sausage, diced
eggs (however many you want)
green onions, chopped
salt and pepper to taste

To speed things up a bit, I diced the potatoes and popped them in the oven for about 3 minutes while I rendered the fat on my bacon in a cast iron skillet over medium heat.
Once the fat is rendered, add the onion and cook for about 3-4 minutes. Add the sausage and cook another 2 minutes. Add potatotes and cook for about 12 minutes, allowing them to brown on each side but making sure not to let them burn. Season with salt and pepper.
When the potatoes are done enough for your liking, fry a few eggs, and top your potatoes with one and devour.

Note: this is one of those recipes where you can sort through the stuff in your fridge and add whatever you want to add.
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Karen said...

I forgot to mention the green onions! Top the potatoes with green onions before you serve/eat.